Caerphilly Castle Wedding Photography

Image of bride and groom during silhouette at Caerphilly Castle Wedding

Theres No Place Like Home

It felt great to be shooting again locally at a Caerphilly Castle wedding.

I hit it off with Katie and Matthew during our Skype call whilst they were living in Canada. It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to photograph their wedding in Katie’s hometown of Bassaleg, followed by the reception in the historic Welsh Castle.

In The Beginning

Bridal preparations began at the family run B&B at Pentre Tai Farm in Bassaleg, followed by their wedding service at St Basil’s Church, also in Bassaleg. One of the grandest churches with striking grounds in South Wales. Katie & Matthew laughed off their surprise at finding interior scaffolding inside the church which popped up a few days before for emergency work.

Pitt Stop

Guests were shuttled to their Caerphilly Castle wedding on a double decker bus, whilst Katie & Matthew took the family vintage car. Unsure if I should mention the 45 minute delay of not one but two breakdowns on the way, although this didn’t alter the joyous mood the couple were in.

Portraits By Twighlight

Once everyone arrived at their Caerphilly Castle reception we carried out a selection of group images and due to the slight delay we left the couple portrait shoot until after the meal and speeches. One mad dash through the castle grounds, around the moat and dodging the duck poo we just managed to catch the last of the daylight. I couldn’t thank Katie & Matthew enough for doing this, it epitomises what a perfect couple they are.

Brides Bouquet. Brides engagement ring, earrings and perfume.Brides mother and dress.Photograph of wedding couple.Bride and groom name tag.Bride mum pouring champaign.Ushers sitting quietly.Bridesmaids apply makeup.Bridesmaid applying eyeliner.Guests waiting before wedding.Bridesmaids chatting on settee.Bridesmaid applying makeup to bride.Hairdresser applying veil.Bridesmaids chatting on sofa.Attaching a bow to family dog.Engine service on wedding car.Wedding car engine service.Wedding cars for Bridesmaid and Bride.Bridesmaids waiting for bride at Pentre Tai Farm B&B.Brides parents getting ready for wedding.Wedding Bridesmaids at Pentre Tai Farm in Bassaleg.Bride and Bridesmaids chatting before wedding at Pentre Tai Farm in Bassaleg.Wedding ushers waiting outside St Basils Church in Bassaleg near Newport.Groom and bestmen at St Basils Church.Guest arriving at church.Bridesmaids outside St Basils Church in Bassaleg near Caerphilly.Bridesmaids wait for bride at St Basils Church in Bassaleg near Newport.Bride and Dad arriving for wedding.Bridal party at St Basils Church Bassaleg.Bridesmaid walking down path at church.Brides dad offers his guiding armNervous Groom looking for Bride.Brides mother inside church.Bride and dad walking down church isle.Wedding couple during service.Bridesmaid and bride dad during service.Groom and brides parents during wedding service.Speech during wedding service.Exchange of rings during wedding.Guests during wedding service.Hymne during service.Photograph of wedding couple shot from isle.Image of church during wedding service.Bride and groom walking down isle after wedding.Weddig guests outside Basils Church Bassaleg.Groom outside church.Bride greeting guests outside church.Guest mingle with bride outside church.Bride and groom walking at St Basils Church near Cardiff.Wedding couple walking at St Basils Church in Bassaleg.Confetti throwing Wedding guest outside church.Wedding guests.bride and groom at St Brides Church in Bassaleg near Newport.Guest leave church on double decker bus.Drinks for the journey.Guest hoping on the double decker bus.Bride and groom in wedding car.Guests getting off bus.Grooms dad getting off bus.Guest arrive at reception. Wedding guests at reception.Guest at Castle reception.Wedding guest watch arrival of bride and groom.Wedding couple having their photo taken.Bride at castle.Guests mingle at wedding.Wide shot of castle grounds.Bride and groom kissing during their Caerphilly Castle Wedding077 Caerphilly Castle WeddingBride and groom portrait at Caerphilly Castle WeddingSilhouette image of newlywed couple at Caerphilly Castle WeddingWedding couple at Caerphilly Castle.Table table name tags.Table decorations. Wedding reception decorations.Wedding breakfast menu.Wedding cake at Caerphilly Castle.cake details.Bride and groom enter reception.091 Caerphilly Castle WeddingCastle wedding.Dads speech.Best man during speeches.Guests watching speeches.Dads speech talking about bride.Best man smiling at speech.Bride and groom laughing at speeches.Groom at wedding reception.Groom speech.Wedding toast.Best mans speech.Bridesmaids during wedding.Speech at wedding.Guest watching speeches.Cutting of the cake.Bride and groom 1st dance at Caerphilly Castle.Bride and groom first dance at their Caerphilly Castle wedding.Guests slow dance.Girl from hen party entertain the wedding guests.Guests dancing and laughing at wedding party.Bride Dancing at her wedding.Guests dancing at wedding.


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