Married couple during Jewish wedding City Hall Cardiff

Cardiff Welsh Wedding

Jodie and Laurence returned from London to Jodie’s Welsh routes for their Jewish wedding City Hall Cardiff. Its so epic I’ve split their blog post in two. Watch this space and I’ll share the link here shortly.

Jodie’s preparations took place back at her parent’s home in Cyncoed. I was joined by the dynamic duo, my good friends, Helen & Alan from Grove Video Services. Always a pleasure to shoot alongside them.

On my arrival, I could see there was plenty of movement and chatter going on in the house from outside. You could tell everyone was excited about the day ahead. Jodie was taken aside by her mum to sit and relax for 5 minutes. A cunning plan, as this was when Jodie was given a gift to open from Laurence. It was a lovely gesture and Jodie was surprised and overjoyed to receive a beautiful necklace and pendant. In return, Jodie’s bridesmaids were also surprised with gifts to thank them for their duties on her special day. Time passed quickly at the house so I had to move swiftly to catch the arrival of Laurence for their Jewish wedding City Hall Cardiff.

Groom’s Tisch

Following Jewish wedding tradition, the groom, his groomsmen, male friends and family carried out celebrations called the Tisch. This took place around a table laden with food and drink where everyone raised a toast to the groom and sang and danced. Here the Mincha prayer was read out by Rabbi Jesner. It was a truly enchanting experience to witness. Everyone was in such good spirits and it was the perfect warm up for the events ahead of their epic Jewish wedding City Hall Cardiff.

The Veiling Ceremony

Once Jodie arrived she was also taken to a private room where the Bedeken took place. Also following tradition, Jodie’s veil was lifted to reveal her face to Laurence when she approached him. This was evidently a truly emotional time for Laurence. Jodie’s father then carried out a Priestly Blessing by holding his hands over Jodie’s head whilst offering his prayers and his blessing.

Jewish wedding City Hall Cardiff

Their time had finally arrived. Laurence was first down the aisle walking toward the Chuppa where the ceremony would take place. Jodie soon followed, escorted down the aisle by her very proud father. Laurence struggled to hold back his tears of pride and joy. His reaction even brought a lump to my throat. Soon Laurence was back on form receiving many lovingly glances from his beautiful bride Jodie. I captured the meaningful moment when Laurence traditionally broke a glass covered in cloth in one fine swoop of his right foot. Once the ceremony was complete our married couple took several minutes to hug and kiss each other, along with many congratulations from their families and guests. Shortly later Jodie and Laurence headed off for their Yichid where they had a few moments together before returning back to their guests.

Let The Games Begin

This is where the party really got started. The guests where mingling and drinking downstairs whilst being entertained by the the amazing caricaturist Picasso Griffiths. He’s the best in his business and a true gent. He stayed for most of the day and made an appearance in part two of this epic wedding during the evening celebrations. There was so much going on we were all working to an extremely productive timescale. After capturing several group images inside we then headed out in the late afternoon sun to set off the confetti canons and take a few shots of the wedding car before the driver finished for the day. We then moved swiftly back inside for Jodie & Laurence’s wedding reception entrance. This is not to be missed and all will shortly be revealed in part two of this epic blog.

If Jodie and Laurence have provided you with their private gallery password you can access and view them by clicking this Gallery Access link.

Wedding Suppliers Wales

It was also great to see and work alongside so many colleagues and professionals on this day. Alongside myself, there were also members of My Wonderful Welsh Wedding. A group of suppliers recommended by each other ensuring your wedding day experience runs smoothly. Just to name a few Jodie and Laurence had also booked Grove Video Services, caricaturist Picasso Griffiths, room decor & bridesmaids bouquets by Emma Hall, flowers supplied by Hilarys Floral Design. Thanks for your support on the day to all involved. Everything was perfect.

Brides silver and sparkling wedding shoes. Image of wedding rings, jewellery and perfume bottle.Signed wedding day card.Bride getting ready before her wedding.Bridesmaid watching bride having hair done.Bride with her mother opening gift from the groom.Page boy getting ready with help from bridesmaid. Bridesmaids receiving gifts designed by Ted Baker from bride. Bride having her hair done in bedroom doorway. Mum and dad chatting to bride.Brides mother and groom mother talking to bride. Bridesmaids final adjustments to their dresses. Wedding cars outside the brides parents house. Bridesmaids taking selfies outside.Bridesmaids taking photographs of bride walking down the stairs in her wedding dress. Bride and her baby nephew.Beautiful portraits of Jewish wedding City Hall Cardiff bridesmaids and bride. Jewish Wedding City Hall Cardiff 111Jewish Wedding City Hall Cardiff 222Groom and bestman outside City Hall Cardiff wedding venue in city centre. Groom and his ushers outside city hall. Image of groom and friends laughing before his wedding.Photograph of groom and friends having Tish Drinks before wedding. Tish drinks and celebrations for Jewish City Hall Cardiff Wedding. Image of groomsmen giving the thumbs up before Jewish wedding.Guests arriving at City Hall Cardiff wedding venue. Bride arriving at Cardiff City Hall Jewish wedding. Bridesmaids adjusting brides dress awaiting for groom to arrive. Guests mingle and taking each other photograph.Groom crying at bride during Bedeken veiling ceremony at Jewish City Hall Cardiff wedding. Jewish groom unveiling his bride to be. Brides father's Priestly Blessing offering his prayers and blessing. Groom walking down aisle towards Chuppah.Bridesmaids walking down aisle towards groom and Chuppah. Page boys walking down aisle. Bride walking towards an emotional groom stood at the Chuppah. Grooms mother watching her son during their Jewish City Hall Cardiff wedding ceremony.Bridesmaids watching the Jewish wedding ceremony. Bride laughing with groom at the Chuppah. Rabbi Jesner carries out the Jewish wedding ceremony. Brides mother watching her daughter get married.Image of bride and groom laughing during the Jewish wedding ceremony at City Hall Cardiff wedding venue. Groom laughing with guests. Bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony. Guests watching and listening to the wedding ceremony.Full length image of the Chuppah with bride and groom. Parents watching wedding ceremony. Cup of blessing where the groom is drinking from a goblet. Rabbi giving reading during the ceremony. Bride and groom during their ceremony. A glass wrapped in cloth and broken by the groom foot and shoe. Guests congratulating the newlyweds.Bride and groom signing of the register. Guest mingle downstairs at a drinks reception. Guests enjoying himself at drinks reception. Bride and groom with their wedding car under confetti cannons.Bride and groom in their wedding car. Portrait of the bride and groom inside their City Hall Cardiff wedding venue. Bride and groom kissing. Portriat image of groom inside City Hall Cardiff wedding reception.

To Be Continued….. Jewish wedding City Hall Cardiff Part Two Coming Soon!

Supplier List:

Dress supplied by Laura May boutique in Cardiff. 

Cakes provided from Cakes By Hilary

Gents suits supplied by Impeccable 

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