Vale Resort Wedding Photography

Vale Resort l wedding reception photograph of bride and groom kissing

Nonstop Laughter

Hensols Vale Resort eagerly waited the arrival of Sam, Paul and their guests for their wedding reception. First stop though I headed to Sam’s bridal preparations at home in Cardiff. It was a delight from the word go. I could hear Sam’s laughter throughout the house. Even more so when her seven bridesmaids and four pageboys rece. With everybody’s bubbly personalities I knew we were in for an awesome day.

 Horse and Carriage

Sam arrived at St Edeyrns Church Cardiff in style. A carriage drawn by not one but two huge sturdy black horses. We composed Sams excitement and fired a few images off before making our way into the church. Paul looked relaxed and composed, and greeted Sam with a huge smile on her arrival down the alter. It was a snug fit for us all inside St Edeyrns but the vicar was kind enough to allow me to photograph the wedding ceremony from the aisle and seated area behind our bride and groom.

Sound the bells

We signed the register and headed outside to the sound of church bells. Its an appropriate time when guest like to greet and congratulate the newlyweds. I simply floated around soaking up the smiles and joy of everyone.We shortly took a few requested group images and headed swiftly to their Vale Resort wedding reception. Although I do recall a few guests managed a sneaky half in the pub next door before heding off.

Wedding portraits

The bubbly and nibbles were on hand as we arrived. Sam and Paul arrived shortly after as they changed their transport means to a car as it was a few miles away from the church. Before heading straight inside we took the opportunity to spend a little time strolling around the Vale Hotel grounds grounds for a few portrait shots. ALong with a handful if groups later I could tell both Sam and Paul were eager to get inside to see their themed wedding reception layout.

Nonstop entertainment

Just as they had planned this is where the day really came alive. First up and unknown to the guests they were served by Main Course. A group of wedding entertainers who surprised everyone with their singing. They brought the house down and the guests up on their chairs and tables. They finally settled for the speeches before their first dance took place. Every corner on the room has something different for guest to enjoy. The highlight being a rodeo bull supplied by Wild West Entertainments which I’m sure the adults were hogging more than the children. Finally I must give a little shout out to Toastmaster Bruno Cook who worked extremely hard and professionally throughout the day. He’d a dream to work alongside.


Brides wedding shoes.Brides earrings and necklace.Family chilling in back garden.Drinks during preparations.Guests before wedding. Children play before wedding. Pageboy having cravat tied.Pageboys ready for wedding.Family laughing in house. Children playing during preparations.Family getting ready.Pageboy at wedding preparations. Pageboy plays on iPad.Horse and carriage arrive. Horse and carriage ready to collect bride.St Edeyrns Church.Adrian Thomas Photography SP206 Page boys and bridesmaids. Bridesmaids walking.Image of pageboys.Bride arriving at st edeyrns church in horse and carriageBride arrives at St Edeyrns Church. Bride arrivals. Wedding in St Edeyrns at wedding. Photograph of wedding service at St Edeyrns Church. Wedding at St Edeyrns Church.Bride during wedding ceremony. Exchange of rings at St Edeyrns Church.Photograph at St Edeyrns Church.Bride and groom walking. Guests outside couple.Horse and carriage wedding. image at Vale Resort.Photograph of wedding in The Vale Resort.bride and groom at The Vale Resort.Bride.Wedding reception.Singing waiters entertainment. Main Course singing waiters.Photograph of speeches in The Vale Resort.Speeches. Speeches at wedding in Vale Resort. Best man speech. Cutting the wedding bull. Flower Girls dancing first dance at wedding Photograph wedding in the Vale Resort reception. bride and groom dancing.Guests dancing.

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