Image showing a selection of wedding albums and Digital Download Your Images.

Digitally Download Your Wedding Images

You might be wondering why I’ve contacted you but please be assured its not a pushy sales ploy. Simply a routine business message with an offer that may be of interest to you.

As you may remember you were kind enough to allow me to cover your wedding. I still thank you for that honour. You may also remember that at the time my coverage was inclusive of an album and purchasing your images was optional. Shooting styles and packages have since changed where unlike yourselves most couples don’t have albums included in their coverage these days. They pay for images upfront in the coverage and purchase an album for a further £500 – £600 or more if they wished.

So back to the point of this web page, if not done so already I’m offering you the opportunity to purchase your wedding images at a happy rate price of £100. You’ll be able to Digitally Download your wedding images straight to your PC via a link and save, print and share as you wish. I’m offering this price to all my friends weddings I’ve covered over the years. Usually I sell them for £500 (I had a £400 sale around Valentines day). I won’t be hanging on to them for much longer. Over the years I’ve regularly been backing up and storing your and other couples wedding images and sadly this will be my last year I will be maintain them. I will still have access to them for as long as the hard-drives will last, but hard-drives do fail and I have had my fair share of failures over the years. Luckily I have been backing things up but as mentioned this will be my last year of doing so.

View Your Wedding Photo’s

If you’re keen please simply reply and let me know. There’s a few hours work involved in reformatting them and uploading them to the world wide web but usually they can be turned around within 24 hours after a cleared payment. You can simply pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer direct to my business account. You can take another look at your images for a they will be hosted in a gallery for a short while. Simply click THIS LINK and use the password provided.

Just think of the bonus points you could get be receiving them and maybe getting a few printed. They’d make a great anniversary or birthday gift 😉

Thanks for listening and I wish you well.

Digitally download your wedding images



  • Image in Vale Resort wedding.
    Vale Resort Hensol Wedding Reception - Sam + Paul
  • Portrait image of bride and groom at St Davids Hotel
    St Davids Hotel Cardiff Bay + St Augustine Photography
  • Photograph of wedding Llanerch Vineyard Hensol
    Llanerch Vineyard + Dyffryn House Wedding - Katy & Kris


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